• At Home Visual Schedules

    By now you are pretty good at this whole e-learning thing ,but let’s remember what worked at school can work at home too.  We know that all early childhood classrooms should have a schedule posted at eye level.  Schedules provide our children with information, help them know what to expect next and help to teach the passage of time.  It would be very beneficial to provide your parents with your schedule for the week.  Send home a copy of your schedule via email and teach your  parents how to point to what you are doing, turn it over when you are done and mark what you are doing now.  If you are able, it would be even better to send home to each family a  laminated schedule with magnetic tape on the back and provide a dry erase marker. Explain to the parents to hang it on the refrigerator and have their child  cross out each activity as it is over with a dry erase marker.  The parents may see their child’s behavior improve as the are able to see what comes next, when there's a break and when their school day is over.