• “Checking-in” with children is a great PREVENTION strategy. Before class time, take their
    emotional temperature using one of many ready-made tools or you can simply build your own.
    Begin with Pre-teaching families and children what, why and how this tool will help parents to
    check-in at home and also during “I-Pad” /remote learning school. Send home a packet, start
    with 4 emotions on the chart or as cut-outs. Pre-teach and add 1 emotion every few weeks to
    grow their emotional vocabulary.
    While remote learning, send a reminder to each family, to have it ready when you log in to
    start class.
    When at school, after children finish at their cubby, place a clipboard or easel near the entry
    and children can “check-in” with their response using a giant pencil, chubby crayon or other
    writing tool.
    Then take a few minutes to address each child about their indicated emotion. You are building
    responsive relationships through this simple but important exercise and preventing
    challenging behavior arising from this source – which is sometimes a setting event in the
    ABC’s (antecedent, behavior, consequence).

    checking in