• Why we must still be collecting data even during COVID-19

    It is definitely challenging to collect data on our students who are doing e-learning, but it is still necessary.  Why is it necessary you may ask?  When you remember the assessment cycle, you see we don't collect data just to fill in checkpoints.  We collect data to guide our instruction.  Our data tells us how to individualize for our students, as well as what supports we must add or take away in order to scaffold a child to a new level of learning.   It may be easier to collect data from a small group virtual lesson.  Pick the objective, plan the activity and then have a way you will document.  You can still use the app through the commuter or if it is easier write a note.  Parents can give us data too.  Ask parents to do an activity with their child and then ask them for feedback about how their child did with the specific objective of the activity.  If we don't collect data this year how will we really be teaching effectively?